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About Pillow Picasso

Pillow Picasso essentially started over 30 years ago when I took over the family business— Bedspread Story. We manufactured high-end home décor for Interior Designers, but when the market changed and so many of my long-time clients went out of business, it was time for me to make a change too. So, I opened my doors to the public and began designing myself. This was the beginning of Pillow Picasso. 

As the owner of Bedspread Story, I prided myself on a reputation for having the highest quality craftsmanship in my industry. I’ve carried that same ethic into Pillow Picasso as every item is handcrafted and hand-sewn, each taking hours to create. My table runners are designed with painstaking love— I often refer to this process as musical strips. I‘ve taken over my husband’s garage with stacks of fabrics and a 12’ long table. This table becomes the playground where I move around the various strips of fabric until the pattern comes together to create a beautiful piece of art for your home.

My pillow designs have unique trims and backing, each weighing just as much importance as the front cover. Every pillow is over-locked on the inside, which finishes the edges so they won’t fray overtime. Additionally, I add a zipper so that you can change your pillows as often as your tastes do, because nothing changes a room faster than a few pillows!

At the end of the day, you have dozens of stores to choose from when it comes to decorating.  I’m honored when my customers choose me to help bring a personal touch to their home. 

You can follow me on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/pillowpicasso
Instagram: pillowpicasso 
email:  pillowpicasso@att.net
Cheryl Bechtold

Below:  Booth shot from San Clemente Village Art Faire.
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